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HuntsmanHacks is a signature experience exclusively designed for Wharton underclassmen. On , hundreds of freshmen and sophomores will apply concepts from their core business courses to real company challenges in an immersive day-long challenge. In teams of 4-5 they will compete for over $2500 worth of prizes.

In our first year, we successfully partnered with Alibaba and hosted top executives who made lasting connections with students. For more information, watch our video recap of the event.

In the second annual HuntsmanHacks competition, teams will solve challenges currently facing Vox Media today. They will work closely throughout the day with representatives from the company to provide their own recommendations and solutions. We like to call it a business hackathon—instead of coding, we expect you to solve challenges using your business knowledge.

Why participate?

HuntsmanHacks is a great opportunity to apply what you learn in the classroom to real-world business challenges currently faced by a global company. Beyond the amazing learning experience, HuntsmanHacks is completely free. Students also compete for a chance to win huge prizes, including over $2500 in cash prizes and a grand prize of a full day experience visiting Vox Media's HQ in New York City!

How does the event work?

  1. Students work in teams of 4-5 freshmen or sophomores.
  2. In each of the three rounds, teams will receive a question that pertains to a current challenge the company is facing. They will have a little over an hour to work through the question, determine a few recommendations, and submit these recommendations to the company. Students will have access to representatives from the company to help them iterate and improve their ideas.
  3. In the Final Round, teams will submit a pitch deck to the judges. When the round ends, judges from the partnering company will select five teams to give a final presentation. These five teams will compete for First, Second, and Third Place.
  4. Note: there is no coding required (or expected) for this "business hackathon"

I'm in. Where do I sign up?

We're excited to have you! You can register for HuntsmanHacks individually or in teams of 4-5 here. Registration is completely free and closes on at EST.


  8:30 AM Check-In Opens + Breakfast
  9:00 AM Opening Remarks
10:00 AM Round 1 question is distributed to teams
11:15 AM Snack break after Round 1 ends
11:30 AM Round 2 question is distributed to teams
12:45 PM Lunch break after Round 2 ends
  1:45 PM Round 3 question is distributed to teams
  3:00 PM Snack break after Round 3 ends
  3:30 PM Mini presentations to judges
  4:15 PM Snack break after mini presentations
  4:30 PM Final presentations begin from 5 top teams (strict 8 min + 3 min Q&A each)
  5:45 PM Closing Remarks and Awards Ceremony
  6:00 PM Event Ends

Important Dates

HuntsmanHacks Event:
Info Session: at
Registration Deadline: at


Think creative (innovative digital media), think broad (325+ media brands and communities), and think global (750 MM people reached).

The partner for HuntsmanHacks is Vox Media!

With brands like The Verge, Eater, and SBNATION, Vox Media has reached over 750 million people and represents the pinnacle of creativity. As a prestigious modern media company, Vox Media believes in the power of going deeper to connect with global, passionate, curious audiences. With its proprietary publishing, advertising, and content creation platforms, Vox Media is shaping the future of journalism and entertainment.

They're excited to work with you over the course of the event!

Through three rounds of questions, you will think through current challenges Vox Media faces, apply what you have learned in your courses at Wharton, and present your recommendations directly to Vox Media representatives

For more information about Vox Media, please watch this short clip or visit their website.


What is a business hackathon?

In a business hackathon students will work in teams to apply concepts from their core business courses to real company challenges in an immersive day-long challenge. While it is similar to a case competition, there are a few main differences: (1) you will only find out the questions at the beginning of each round, (2) the questions in each round may or may not relate to one another, and (3) you will have the opportunity to work closely with representatives from the partnering company throughout the day so that you can receive feedback and iterate on your ideas as you go. Additionally, unlike an engineering hackathon, coding will not be required—the "hackathon" component describes the rapid rate of ideas and work you will be producing.

Which company is partnering with HuntsmanHacks ?

Please see the Company section of our website for more information on the partnering company.

How are teams formed and how many people can they be?

You may either register for the event individually or in teams. Teams must be comprised of 4-5 Wharton freshmen or sophomores. Although not required, it is beneficial to work with students from a well-rounded background in both interests and courses taken (e.g. if two members have taken FNCE100 + ACCT101 and the other two have taken MKTG101 + STAT101). If you register for the event individually, you will automatically be paired with teammates when registration closes on at EST.

Is this event only open for freshmen and sophomores?

Yes, as of now HuntsmanHacks is only open to Wharton students in the Class of 2021 or 2022.

What questions will be asked in each round?

The questions will not be released ahead of the event. You will receive the questions at the start of each of the three rounds. The questions will draw on a variety of subjects/concepts you have learned throughout your core business courses, such as marketing, statistics, financial analysis, globalization, ethical dilemmas, communication, and data interpretation. To prepare for the event, we recommend you research the background of the partnering company.

How are submissions from each round judged?

Submissions from each round are judged based on their creativity, feasibility, innovativeness, and overall merit. Teams will not be eliminated after each of the rounds, however, only five teams will be selected to present their ideas and solutions to the partnering company in the Final Round.

How should we prepare for the competition?

Your fundamental business classes should reasonably prepare you for this event. We also recommend you research the background of the partnering company before the event. It would be beneficial to understand, from recent news, current challenges the company is facing and to think through ways you could address these challenges.

What is the dress code for the event?

The attire for HuntsmanHacks is business casual. You are not required to wear a suit, but we recommend you appear professional for our corporate guests that will be in attendance.

What prizes are awarded to the winners in the competition?

Vox Media is thrilled to bring HuntsmanHacks winners to our New York City headquarters — home to editorial talent from Eater, Curbed, The Verge, Vox, SB Nation, Polygon, Recode, and teams of engineers, marketers, sellers, and strategists. Winners will meet with leaders from Vox Media's emerging podcasting and platform businesses, enjoy lunch at an Eater-selected restaurant, and more. As a company that believes in cultivating passion, we are also pleased to arrange for each winner to meet someone from the Vox Media team of his or her choosing.

Grand Prize: $1,000 cash
Second Place: $500 cash
Third Place: $250 cash
Specialized Tracks: $250 cash
Participation: HuntsmanHacks t-shirt and food

When is HuntsmanHacks?

HuntsmanHacks will take place on from 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM. The Info Session will take place on at .

Who is organizing this event?

This event is organized by the Wharton Dean's Undergraduate Advisory Board (WAB) with support and funding from the Undergraduate Division of The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.


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